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The NSW Department of Planning and Environment’s updated population projections predicts Tamworth’s population will grow just 0.69% by the year 2041.

Member for Tamworth Kevin Anderson has expressed concern that the meagre prediction would negatively impact service and infrastructure delivery in the Tamworth electorate, asking the Labor Government a series of questions in relation to population projections.

“Tamworth is a city with a bright future, and that future is underpinned by significant housing developments in the Moore Creek and Arcadia areas, as well as industrial developments in the Global Gateway Park,” Mr Anderson said.

“With housing and industrial development comes population growth, and Tamworth’s population will grow significantly as houses are built and new and existing industries move in.

“Tamworth Regional Council’s Blueprint 100 outlines the goal of a 100,000 population by 2041, but there is a major discrepancy between that goal, and the NSW Planning department’s predicted population of just 71,956 residents by 2041.

“There’s a 28,044-person discrepancy in the figures – the current population of Armidale.

“I asked the Planning Minister if the NSW Government took into account Tamworth Regional Council’s Blueprint 100 and his response as that ‘Blueprint 100’ “did not provide sufficient detail to adjust the projection assumptions.”

“With such a significant discrepancy in the figures, I am deeply concerned that the Labor state government is sleepwalking towards a significant public infrastructure backlog if it doesn’t keep pace.

“I have been fighting for a new school for Tamworth and recently asked the Minister for Education about her plans for the future of education in Tamworth. The Minister replied that NSW Planning data informs the delivery of new infrastructure.

“It is deeply concerning that the future of education infrastructure in Tamworth is informed by population projections that do not reflect the significant housing development we’re seeing in areas like Moore Creek.

“If the NSW Government’s planning projections don’t marry up with the Council’s plans for growth, our region’s essential services in healthcare, police, education and more are going to fall behind.”

“I’m calling on the planning Minister to come to Tamworth to witness the real, on the ground development our region is experiencing, and ensure the government appropriately plans for our future.”

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